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What Allye Offers

Take full control of your business with Allye

Add, Edit, Delete Products

Easily manage all your products on your website from our simple, easy to use dashboard. You can add, edit, delete products and have them all cloud hosted so you never lose them, and they are always accessible.

Manage Orders

Easily manage all your orders, and fulfill them as you go. Everytime an order is placed on your website, the order details will go directly to your dashboard where you can manage and track orders.

Manage Employees

Easily manage employees details, salaries, and more all from your dashboard. We use a secure system to make sure your data is stored safely.


Easily upgrade to use our custom developed mailing system for easy promotional use and marketing emails, get in depth analytics about your website and buyers, and get marketing and advertisment videos custom made from professionals.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to make modern day software easy to use, and provide an affordable, powerful tool that companies and individuals of all size can use. We offer small business solutions all the way to custom enterprise solutions.

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